Origin of Lorek Surname

Laurus nobilis (Latin name for a bay tree.) > Laurentum (A place in Italy probably named from its laurels or bay trees; today Loreto.) > Laurentius (A man from Laurentum.) > Laurentius (A saint who was martyred at Rome in the 3rd century AD; he enjoyed a considerable cult throughout Europe, with consequent popularity of the personal name (French Laurent, Italian, Spanish Lorenzo, Catalan Llorenç, Portuguese Lourenço, German Laurenz; Polish Wawrzyniec (assimilated to the Polish word wawrzyn ‘laurel’), etc.) > Lorenz (German, Dutch, Spanish (northern Spain), Jewish: from a vernacular form (German Laurenz, Dutch Laurens, Catalan Lorenç) of the Latin personal name Laurentius). As a Jewish surname, it is probably an Americanized form of one or more like-sounding Ashkenazic names.) > Lorek (German (of Slavic origin); from a pet form of Lorenz.)

Quotations from that uses Dictionary of American Family Names.

Lorek Family Tree

The oldest known to us record of Lorek surname comes from the Lutheran Church in Cieszyn and speaks about the wedding of Jendrżej Lorek from Jasienica with Zuzanna Charwot in September 1778. Jendrżej Lorek, because he comes from Jasienica, must somehow be connected to our family tree.

The oldest known to us record of surname Lorecki, that is of similar to Lorek origin, dates back to 1653 and speaks about wedding of Wojciech Lorecki and Barbara Fabian in Końskowola (source:

Have a look at Lorek genealogy. We have been able to trace our family roots back to the middle of the 18th century. It was the time when the Catholic Counterreformation was still in place, so our Lutheran ancestors must have been practicing their believes undercover. In 1781 Emperor Joseph II of Austria issued the Tolerance Patent, which guaranteed the Lutherans limited religious freedom in Teschenian Silesia. In 1782-86 they built their house of prayer in Jaworze, from which register books we mostly gathered the information about our forefathers.

1st generation
Johann Lorek, b. 1760-70s Ewa Lorek (maiden name Szczepakin), b. 1760-70s
2nd generation
Johann Lorek, b. 9 XII 1796, Wieszczęta no. 14 Marina Lorek (maiden name Gill), b. 17 VI 1799, Wieszczęta no. 10
3rd generation
Paul Lorek, b. 12 II 1832, Wieszczęta no. 10 Ewa Lorek (maiden name Mazura), b. 20 I 1830, Łazy
4th generation
Jan Lorek, b. 3 V 1866, Wieszczęta no. 17, d. 4 IV 1946 Anna Lorek (maiden name Kynig), b. 12 VII 1866, Jasienica, d. 15 V 1947
5th generation
Maria Lorek, b. 28 IX 1893 Father unknown
6th generation
Józef Lorek, b. 10 III 1919, Bielsko Helena Lorek (maiden name Zender), b. 2 XI 1919, Jasienica
7th generation
Jan Lorek, b. 1952 Jolanta Lorek, b. 1952
8th generation
Piotr Lorek, b. 1977 Alina Lorek, b. 1985
9th generation
Emil Lorek, b. 2009
Natalia Lorek, b. 2011